Pretty yarn all in a box
with circular needles
cost a small fortune
but how hard can it be?

Casting on is tricky for me
188 stitches and alas
every time I count them
I get a different number

Hubby suggests counting
in tens, not twos and
clever man, marking them
off, and it works a treat

I’m almost one and a half
inches into the ribbed hem
when I notice the circular
yarn is twisting – oh no

Too, the rib pattern of two plain
and two pearl has now here
and there it seems become
three pearl…how did that happen?

I will unravel and start again!
of course I will, of course I will
and recklessly I tear the stitches
into a tangled mess of knotty wool

This all started at 10.00 am after
my early morning swim and
it’s now 4.30 pm my neck 
in rictus and I’m furious

In the time I have taken to
create this mess I could have
baked six cakes successfully
I can read recipes…

I throw the needles and the 
knots of yarn to the floor 
and head to the sea .,,
cheaper than a therapist

Hubby arrives home tired
after a full days work and
quietly sits at the table in
full light, un-knotting my knots

Ah such folly

this is love

I’m unravelled

5 thoughts on “Unravelled

  1. Christine key

    I know the feeling Maggie. A lovely from Wellington Sewing Centre came to my rescue a few weeks ago. I can only knit a few rows that’s 150 stitches but I’ve started!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Liz Wooster

    I love to knit and would gladly do so for my grandchildren but alas, home knits are not to their liking! I can’t remember the last time I knitted something for myself.
    Happy knitting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha, the last time I knitted was 16 years ago for Sienna as a baby and I sewed up the neckline tightly forgetting to leave an opening and room for buttons… I should have learned my lesson, but this lovely vest and gorgeous yarn was calling to me. xx


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