Blow the Wind Southerly



Dear Nor’wester


Now we will have to sweep

all the leaves you’ve blown

across our paths and garden


pieces of trees in the shape

of leaves, yellow, red and

even the freshly green


the dying fronds of the

punga skirts whipped off

and carelessly flung


to land thwack on the

bedroom deck startling

us as from peaceful sleep


your whine is impolite

you cause the blind to rattle

and the roses lose delight


our neighbour’s pohutakawa

dances, I’ll grant you this

a mesmerising flagrant bliss


but our kowhai and camellia

seem to huddle side by side

as if supporting one another


the sea looks grey and

angry, more confused

than splendidly wild


the whine you bring

Nor’wester is the

tantrum of a child


not like the southerly

when the sea rushes

with enviable vitality


dear Nor’wester, I need

to tell you, I much

prefer the southerly


blow the wind southerly






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